A few weeks ago, Cartoon Brew publicized the new Blu-Ray release of Mad Monster Party, a rare Rankin-Bass motion picture.  (I did intend to publicize the events, but then NYCC happened.)  Among most pop-culture fans, Rankin-Bass is known for Christmas specials, which air every year, generating nostalgic bliss as we watch misfit toys and meteorological siblings sing and dance.

Now, while I’m not an animation expert, I am well versed in most aspects of American cartoons, especially those from before 1990.  I have never seen Mad Monster Party (probably because it’s not aired frequently like Rudolph or Frosty).

So first, I was smitten by Francesca, Baron Boris von Frankenstein’s very …um… capable laboratory assistant, voiced by Gale Garnett.  But then I began to dig deeper, and discovered some amazing facts.

The story was co-written by Harvey Kurtzman!  Production design by Jack Davis!  A one-sheet movie poster by Frank Frazetta!

So, here are some treats for you tonight, as we belatedly celebrate Halloween.

The Dell Comic adaptation!

Just how crazy is this movie?  (Which I have not seen.)  Comics Alliance has the low down.

Some unintentional cosplay.




  1. Ha ha hah. Click on the video clip above. Hey, kids when a woman gets hysterical just slap her a couple of times. She’ll hug you then break into a great, sultry song. Ah, the 60’s…

  2. there was a time when you could catch this flick during the 1970’s and early to mid 1980’s when channel 5 (here in new york) would play it around the halloween season. after the 1980’s it was shown less and less. nice to see that it’s being released on dvd.

  3. It IS a great movie! I remember watching it as a child. And I was delighted when the VHS was released in the late 90’s. The action was more or less what I remembered, but I the jokes are even better. Enjoy!

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