Besides having maybe the best name for a cartoonist ever, Finnish artist Amanda Vähämäki is one of those creators whose work alays has an edge of creepiness even when it isn’t overtly terror. She’s best known in North America for her work published by D&Q, including her debut, The Bun Field, but in Europe she’s been published in Glömp, Orang, Canicola and Galago. and she won first prize at the 2005 Swiss Fumetto International Comix Competition.

The current piece is from Tumblr Red Lipstick Gets Sick And Dies, but you can see more of her art on Flickr and her stories here. The above image is from “”What’s Behind the Waterfall” and it just gets worse and worse, trust us. It’s reprinted in Fantagraphics’ Kolor Klimax: Nordic Comics Now, one of the essential comics anthologies of the last decade or so.




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