The quality is low, but a bootleg version of the 300 fooatge shown at San Diego is online for the moment. Hurry!


  1. I love how you can tell it was really filmed at a con – there’s always some dork standing right in front of you when the clip starts, like he’s the only person in the whole DAMN room. He needs a hat to complete the effect, though…

    The parts we can see look extremely cool!

  2. This footage showing up online will only cause the movie studios to stop showing that sort of thing at SDCC…. which is what a lot of people show up for…. which could cause a downturn in the presence of movie studios at the con… which is okay by me!

  3. Well that looked much cooler than expected. I think this may be a better translation of the comic than even Sin City was. I dunno, I felt like Sin City moved too fast and the effects weren’t quite perfect. I like the stylized violence and the odd Frank Miller like camera angles and poses.