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Of everything I looked ah while compiling my annual Halloween clow=out, nothing disturbed me as much as this. Did you own these cards and think, like I did, that they would explain all mysteries? A talisman of some other realm? The disquieting expectations and memories of childhood are the most magical and terrifying emotions of all.

Happy Halloween to all!
Owl and black cat 1
Vintage halloween black cat broom withes hat full moon card


  1. That is a beautiful old illustration. But just to be clear, since it is not widely known in the Ameticas, “gypsy” is a derogatory epithet for Romani people. Hundreds of thousands were killed in the German holocaust and today they face persecution in almost every European country. I know these comments threads get heated and I didn’t want to write this here… I just respect the work done here and want it to be a place where everyone can come and read about comics, even old problematic comics, with their proper context in mind.


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