The Harvey Awards are coming up as part of this weekend’s New York Comic Con festivities. Ahead of the official ceremony, the Awards committee has announced this year’s inductees for the Harvey Awards Hall of Fame. This year’s five inductees include legendary horror artist Bernie Wrightson, fantasy illustrator William Kaluta, comic artist Barry Windsor-Smith, mangaka Rumiko Takahashi, and cover artist and painter Jeffrey Catherine Jones.

In a statement announcing the inductees, Takahashi, the manga artist behind series like Inuyasha and Urusei Yatsura, and Liz Wrightson, Bernie Wrightson’s widow, both expressed their gratitude at being named for the Hall of Fame:

2021 inductee Rumiko Takahashi said: “Thank you so much for this wonderful award. I am so honored the American readers have enjoyed my work. Through the medium of manga, I am so happy I am able to communicate with all of you. The world is in hardship due to Covid, but I hope my manga can provide some comfort.”

“I am delighted to see Bernie’s accomplishments in the field of comics and illustration honored by the Harvey Awards committee. His legacy continues to burn bright, and his memory lives on in our hearts,” said Liz Wrightson, wife of inductee Bernie Wrightson.

Rumiko Takahashi becomes the second mangaka to be inducted into the Harvey Awards Hall of Fame, following last year’s induction of Osamu Tezuka. Jeffrey Catherine Jones’s induction is also notable, as she is the first transgender creator to be named to the Harvey Awards Hall of Fame.

The Harvey Hall of Fame was established in 2017 to “[Honor] creators who have had a distinguished career or impact on the medium for over two decades.” Inductees to the Harvey Hall of Fame are chosen by the Harvey Awards Executive Committee, made up of Nellie Kurtzman, John Lind, and Chip Mosher. Previous Hall of Fame inductees include Darwyn Cooke, Alison Bechdel, Dave Gibbons, and the founders of Milestone Media. Induction into the Harvey Hall of Fame is one of three special awards being presented during Friday’s ceremony, along with the Comics Industry Pioneer Award and the International Spotlight Award; winners for those awards have yet to be announced.

Congratulations to this year’s well-deserved Hall of Fame inductees.