This year’s nominees for the Russ Manning Promising Newcomer Award have just been announced and there are four women and one man; not really a surprising ratio. The Manning is presented to outstanding artistic talent and most of the new interesting cartoonists out there are women.

The 2017 nominees are:


Rafael de Latorre, artist of Animosity and Superzero (Aftershock)


Riana Dorsey, artist of Cloud Riders (Hashtag Comics)


Mindy Lee, artist of Bounty (Dark Horse)


Leila Leiz, artist of Alters (Aftershock)


Anne Szabla, writer/artist of Bird-Boy (Dark Horse)


The Manning Award is named after Russ Manning, famed for his solid, classically illustrative work on the Tarzan and Star Wars newspaper strips and the Magnus, Robot Fighter. The award winner is announced annually during the Eisner Awards at the San Diego Comic Con.

Previous winners includes Dave Stevens, Jan Duursema, Steve Rude, Scott McCloud, Art Adams, Eric Shanower, Dan Brereton, Jeff Smith, Gene Ha, Alexander Maleev, David Petersen, Cathy Malkasian, Eleanor Davis, Tyler Crook, and Dan Mora, all well bnefore they gained acclaim so the winner in 2017 will be in good company.





  1. “most of the new interesting cartoonists out there are women.”
    Or, it could be that journalists, and gatekeepers more interested in female cartoonists for personal or political reasons.
    Interesting is a subjective adjective but not one that describes most women cartoonists featured on this blog, who tend to be white, upper middle class and cosmopolitan nerdy insecure liberals who are obsessed with social justice . Many female artists are not known for being very distinct at all. because they are so concerned with being agreeable.

    When they are disagreeable, they are disagreeable in a very uniform way. They are not individuals with individual voices. They are monolithic group with nearly identical values and personalities. The main problem with creative content by women is that it ends up appealing only to other women. and they spend too much of their time trying to convince us that all women are the same (on the inside). That’ s not interesting or true.

  2. @CosplayIsNotForeplay just because your high school crush rejected your 300lb munchlax ass to prom doesn’t mean you can disparage an entire gender, get off your computer chair and go outside nerdiscle.

  3. Cosplay is just an old regular Beat troll returning with a new IP. He’s been blocked again but I’ll leave this masterpiece of misogyny up as a testament to what I have to deal with on a daily basis.

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