The CCI folks have announced the 2011 nominees for Most Promising Newcomer, an art award that recognizes up and coming talent. Past winners include Dave Stevens, Jeff Smith, and David Petersen, so they have a pretty good track record. The nominees were selected by a committee and the winner (selected by past winners and Russ Manning assistants) will be announced July 22 during the Eisner award ceremony.

Janet Lee, artist of Return of the Dapper Men (published by Archaia)

Adam Hines, writer/artist of Duncan the Wonder Dog (published by AdHouse)

David Marquez, artist of Days Missing and Syndrome (published by Archaia)

Paul Roman Martinez, artist of Adventures of the 19XX (published by Kopetkai)

Nate Simpson, artist of Nonplayer (published by Image)


  1. So proud of my friend/partner/collaborator David Marquez but also: WHAT A GREAT LIST–
    I do not envy the voters who have to pick from this exceptional group!

  2. Way to go Nate! What an amazing transition you have made into comics, art in Nonplayer is absolutely stunning. Probably the cleanest style I have ever seen, good luck!