The Day Prize, for small press comics, was ended recently when founder Dave Sim withdrew it, but there is now the SPACE Prize, with the winner selected by 2007 winners Matt and Carol Dembicki and the “God-father of Small Press Comics,” Tim Corrigan. The prize will be given out at the 2009 SPACE show. The finalists are listed in the link in depth, but here’s a quick list:

Birth by Michael S. Bracco
Blink: Barefoot in America by ONWARDStudio
Breathers 1 by Justin Madson
Clockwork Creature: Chapter One by Kyle Strahm and Wesley Craig Green
Concepcion by Rickey Gonzales
The Secret History of the Ineffables Part 1 by Craig Bogart
Lackluster World 5 by Eric Adams
The Serial Squad! by Paul E. Schultz and Jon Hodges
A Thorn in the Side by Bill Knapp


  1. Just a minor correction so that credit goes where credit is due- CLOCKWORK CREATURE: CHAPTER ONE is Kyle Strahm’s baby. I (Wesley Craig Green) published it through Ambrosia Publishing. Kyle deserves all the attention.

    People can read the entire eerily, innovative graphic novel online for free at

    Wesley Craig Green, publisher
    Ambrosia Publishing (