As previusly announced Al Jaffee (Above) won THE Reuben, but many other awards were given out over the weekend:
Newspaper Panel: Chad Carpenter
Edtorial cartoons: Bill Schorr
Newspaper Strips Award: Jim Meddick
Advertising Illustration Award: Tom Richmond
Book Illustration Award: Sandra Boynton
Newspaper Illustration Award: Sean Kelly
Animation Feature Award: David Silverman, THE SIMPSONS MOVIE
Television Animation Award: Stephen Silver
NCS division award, Gag Cartoons: Mort Gerberg
Comic Books Award: Shaun Tan
Greeting Cards: Dave Mowder
Magazine Feature/Magazine Illustration: Daryll Collins
Milton Caniff Lifetime Acheivement Award: Sandra Boynton


  1. Congrats Al!!
    AND if you fold his picture (with the award)
    into 3rds, you’ll see another photo of Al doing something!!

    The Italian Renaissance
    Graphic Novel AMBROGIO BECCARRIAyou don’t have to fold into thirds!
    Click HERE for a preview!

    Thanx –
    ‘a friend’,
    ofJonathan M. Prince
    (the author & artist of ‘Ambrogio
    ‘ & owner of Calicuchima Press).

  2. Dom DeLuise was recently mentioned in one of Jim Meddick’s cartoon strips and it was forwarded to Dom. We do not know what newspaper it came from. Mr. DeLuise would very much like to call Jim Meddick. Can anyone there forward this to him, or give us contact information for Jim Meddick. Our email address is above and we will provide a phone number when contacted. Thank you for any help you can provide. Elizabeth Adams, Assistant to Dom DeLuise

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