As reported by Beat operative Torsten Adair: Subject to verification. Above, Walter Simonson, Kyle Baker, Dean Haspiel and Jeff Newelt at the ceremony. Photo by Michael Gezsel.

Best Letterer: Stan Sakai
Best Colorist: Lark Pien
Best Syndicated Strip: Keith Knight, The K Chronicles
Best Online Comic: Nicholas Gurewiich, Perry Bible Fellowship
Best Inker: Danny Miki
Best Foriegn Reprint: TIE Abandon the Old in Tokyo (D&Q)
Moomin (D&Q)
Best New Series: The Spirit (DC)
Best Graphic Album (Previously Published): Absolute New Frontier (DC)
Special Award for Humor in Comics: Bryan Lee O’Malley
Best New Talent: Brian Fies
Best Biographical, Historical or Journalistic Presentation: Art Out of Time. Dan Nadel
Best Anthology: Flight Vol 3 (Ballantine Books)
Best Domestic Reprint: Complete Peanuts (Fantagraphics)
Best Cover Artist: James Jean
Special Award for Excellence in Presentation: Lost Girls (Top Shelf)
Best Original Graphic Album: Pride Of Baghdad (DC)
Best Continuing or Limited Series: Daredevil (Marvel)
Best Writer: Ed Brubaker
Best Artist: Frank Quietly
Best Cartoonist: Jaime Hernandez
Best Single Issue: Civil War #1 (Marvel)
HERO Initiative Award: Joe Kubert


  1. The Eisner awards are named for Will Eisner and the Harvey awards are named for Harvey Kurtzman. I don’t know if it’s still the case, but the main distinctions between the two used to be 1) the Eisners being safely ensconced at San Diego while the Harveys have gone from (I think) Texas to Pittsburgh to New York to Baltimore, and 2) the Harveys used to and may still limit its voting to professionals on the creative end while the Eisners have a wider voter base regarding industry members like Diamond personnel, for example.

    So I think that’s it. Although this is usually the moment when Jackie Estrada jumps out of the shadows and starts punching me in the kidneys.

  2. Well, apparently, Civil War was up against Fun Home. If you pardon me, I’ll be over in the corner crying now. In the past, the Eisners have been more friendly towards the big guys and more commercial projects, whereas the Harveys were more reflective of what the creative community valued, and if the creative community really valued Civil War that much, it sure has changed a whole lot. It clearly has enough fans to justify its delays and direction of the Marvel line since it ended, but single best issue/story of 2006? Really? I definitely can’t understand that at all.

  3. The Eisner Award nominees are chosen by a panel of judges who have an opportunity to review thousands of books and comics that were published the previous year. These books are submitted by publishers and creators. The Harveys are nominated by professionals using the “blank ballot” approach. The same people eligible to nominate for the Harveys also vote for them–comics professionals. The voters in the Eisners include comics professionals, publishers, editors, retailers, and (a very few) distributors.

    The Eisners and Harveys also differ in many of their categories and in the criteria for the categories. Also, the ceremonies are quite different; the Harveys have a banquet setup so people must pay to attend (although I’m sure the nominees get free meals), while the Eisner Awards ceremony is not a meal function (although a small buffet is provided to early-arriving nominees and VIPs) and admission is free to Comic-Con attendees.

    Jackie Estrada
    Eisner Awards Administrator

  4. I was really thrilled with the nominations and equally thrilled with the winners. This would have been a perfect awards ceremony were it not for Civil War somehow weaseling its evil way in there. How on earth is it possible that it won this award?

  5. Civil War #1, Best Single Issue of 2007? Of the entire year? Of all the thousands of comic books released over the course of twelve months, Civil War #1 was singled out as the BEST COMIC OF THE YEAR?!?!?!?!?! Civil War #1? Really?! And this is the what, Harvey Awards? Are they credible? Who’s Harvey? Was his favorite comic of the year Civil War #1?

    my god.

  6. Harvey KURTZMAN? The Harvey Awards are named after Harvey KURTZMAN? THE Harvey Kurtzman? And Civil War #1 won Best Comic of the Year? A Harvey Award?

    What’s next? An Eisner award for Amazons Attack? A Best Picture nod to Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer? Record of the Year to Britney’s “Gimme More?” An Emmy to Pirate Master?

    good lord.

  7. This is why most comics suck, if the people who make them think drek like Civil War is a better comic than FUN HOME or GANGES we are screwed.

  8. Don Rosa was up for over a dozen nominations for his work on UNCLE SCROOGE and the LIFE AND TIMES COMPANION, and not a single win? Screw that noise, Harvey Awards!

  9. In your opinion, Jim Kingman, Civil War sucked even before it got to issue 2. That’s your opinion and you can have it. It’s an award for a single issue, not the whole damn thing. What, it wasn’t even entertaining in the first issue? I hated Civil War by the end, like most sane people, but it started out with good art and an idea that seemed like it would go in a great direction.

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