Tharg popped round for a biscuit earlier, before thrusting a piece of yellowing paper into my hands and saying “this can run immediately.” It appears that 2000AD are endorsing the 18th September as ‘a day of action’, you see, during which they hope to drum up support for a sequel to the pretty-brill 2012 DREDD movie starring Karl Urban.


Day of Action comes exactly one year after the film came out in cinemas. Despite doing brilliantly in the UK and a growing cult-classic status, the film flopped in the US and plans for a sequel (plans for a trilogy, actually, writer Alex Garland revealed) were put on hold. However, a petition for a sequel has so far raised 80000 signatures, and there’s always a possibility that fan impact voting might help push a sequel through.

2000AD have officially endorsed the campaign for a Dredd sequel, which is where the 18th September comes in. Next Wednesday Judge Dredd Megazine will be publishing part one of their print sequel to the movie, written by Arthur Wyatt and drawn by Henry Flint. 2000AD are obviously hoping that sells well, but they also ask people to sign the petition, buy the movie, and buy shirts in support of the campaign. I imagine other activities will be going on as well.

So, if you want to see a sequel to DREDD, it looks like next Wednesday is the time to lend your support!


  1. I was surprised how good Dredd was when I caught it on Netflix. It was a throwback to the bloody, gritty action movies of the 80s. It certainly deserves a sequel but who knows. Karl Urban did a fantastic job.

  2. Worldwide: $35,626,525 (Box Office Mojo)
    UK: $6,929,744
    Domestic: $13,414,714

    So very unlikely.
    “Judge Dredd” did much better, and, well…

  3. If people start saying Stephanie Brown and Wally West are in the movie then maybe more people will get louder about it :P

  4. buy shirts in support of the campaign, at £15 for a design mocked up in two minutes to the old film artwork photo, its it authorised or is someone making some money here they shouldn’t be?

    Not to take away from the campaign, loved the movie for what it was and would like to see another. Would like to support the campaign too, but not at these prices :/

  5. Was the reason I thought the movie was just “okay” because I’ve never seen the Stallone one?

  6. I can they digitally replace Urban with Stallone in DREDD and re-release it? :-p

    Maybe more Americans will bother to see it then…

  7. Saw it. Really liked it. Too bad Stalline’s POS came out and ruined the character in most people’s minds. I highly doubt it’ll get that sequel, but I think it’d be fun.

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