Conan O Brien tweets Batman TV Series coming via WBHE  1How did Conan O’Brien get the scoop on this???

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will distribute the long-awaited BATMAN live-action television series (1966-68) as a complete box set later in 2014.
More information to come.

The Batman TV series has long been held up by a Byzantine series of rights issues, but I guess everyone finally decided it was better to make some money than make no money so…


Yeah, I went there and so did 2957 other bloggers right this minute.

Although the TV show’s home entertainment release was the last hold-up, in recent years licensing rights for the show had suddenly eased up, with comics, dolls, toys and lots of other stuff celebrating one of the weirdest TV shows of all times. Seriously, if this show came out today the only place it could be shown is Adult Swim.

CONAN Batmobile WBPhoto by Will Becton

Ah yes….so much to see!

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  1. Mind is officially blown.
    Now bring on the 1966/67 “Green Hornet” TV series with Williams and Lee and I’ll be an even HAPPIER man.

    Lance Roger Axt
    The AudioComics Company

  2. I’ve only seen mention of DVD format? Is it going to be released as blu ray as well? Or should we expect VHS and laserdisc as well?

  3. I think it’s hilarious that when I was a lad, the Adam West show was seen as nerd anathema, never to be spoken of amongst comics fans without derision and scorn. And now it’s the most beloved of all Batman properties!

  4. “Now bring on the 1966/67 “Green Hornet” TV series with Williams and Lee and I’ll be an even HAPPIER man.”

    100% agreement. That show and the early years of the Reeves’ Superman are shockingly good.


  5. “And now it’s the most beloved of all Batman properties!”

    Where did you get that observation from?!?

  6. DC/Warners worked out most of the big problems in 2012.

    I think the bigger stumbling blocks were the celebrity cameos and music rights.

    (I’m still waiting for Season Four of The Muppet Show.)

  7. You can still find detractors of the show if you look hard enough, but it’s essentially correct that most comics-nerds have made their peace with the show. I would state that even though it had fun at the expense of superheroes, the BATMAN show was a necessary step on the way to the BATMAN movies.

    Though I won’t go to the extent of agreeing with Adam West that the show accurately reflected the comic book of 1966. Now that’s just– batty!

  8. “Where did you get that observation from?!?”

    From the reaction to this news on this very blog, for one thing. The success of the Batman 66 comic for another.

    That statement was also an example of a little thing called hyperbole. You can look that word up in a book called a dictionary if you’re not familiar with it.

  9. So, let me get this straight. A Miracleman reprint comes out yesterday, and a Batman DVD set is announced today? Has Comics Hell frozen over? What’s next, a new issue of Big Numbers?

  10. “I would state that even though it had fun at the expense of superheroes, the BATMAN show was a necessary step on the way to the BATMAN movies.”

    Unlike most comic-based tv series, this was more accurate to its comics roots than any other, even going so far as to adapt certain comic book stories (which DC has finally, wisely, collected into an anthology). Now if only it wasn’t so campy … i.e., stupid …

  11. I think with serious material like Nolan’s Batman films, there’s no longer the issue of the mainstream public thinking that Adam West’s Batman was representative of comics. So there’s no longer that to continue, but also I think it’s just enough distance that people look back at the series more fondly.

  12. I’m going to raise one side of my t.v. at a 45 degree angle, to reject biased moral views and better understand the other side of the stories.

    It’s what any responsible sociologist would do.

  13. Pink Apocolypse:

    You’ll need a gyroscpope … remember, the camera is only tilted (usually) in the “bad guy” hideouts. All the shots at Wayne Manor and the police commissioner’s office are usually level, giving a “slanted” view of those misunderstood super “villains.”

  14. The problem with the 1960s Batman TV show wasn’t that it was a comedy, but that it was bad comedy and just told the same joke repeatedly, pounding it into the ground until it became dreary. Try binge-wtching the show and see how quickly it becomes tiresome. It was on twice a week when it began but by season 3 it was on once a week and still couldn’t retain the audience because it was just so repetitious. When it was cancelled, nobody cared any more. People complain that The Big Bang Theory makes fun of comic book nerds. The 1960s Batman TV show didn’t just make fun of comics, it ridiculed them as being infantile.

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