And Boom continues its two week announcement roll-out with news that Justin Jordan (Luther Strode) will be writing not one not two but THREE THREE THREE titles for Boom!

justin jordan boom
Jordan has really cemented his place as an up and comer over the last few years so this is another strong announcement for all concerned.


  1. For the millionth time, there’s no apostrophe in the possessive form of “it”. Are you a journalist or an instinct machine? Jesus.

  2. You obviously have the powers of observation to see that there are more than a few articles that post a day and smart enough to realize that some level of research and preparation has to be made for each article. I don’t think Heidi has the benefit of an editor as she cranks this stuff out. If you’re going to volunteer, try a little diplomacy. If you can’t help but double your blood pressure when you see human errors you may want to move on for your own personal sanity.

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