After delays, house arrest and an endless sucession of lawsuits, former Dragon Con co-founder Ed Kramer is finally going to trial After a hearing, discussing Kramer’s health issues, Judge Karen Beyers announced Kramer’s trial for child molestation for Dec. 2 and 9.

Following accusations by two teenaged boys that he had acted improperly towards them, Kramer was originally charged in Aug. 25, 2000. he has avoided trial since then by claiming ill health. His health issues were still on display at yesterday’s hearing:

According to Jacobs’ testimony, Kramer suffers from all of the following: pain related to a cervical (neck) fusion; Type II diabetes; psoriatic arthritis; hypothyroidism; asthma; COPD, or emphysema; sleep apnea; narcoplepsy; fluid retention in his feet; “moderate to severe” hearing loss; and a recent bout with staph infections. Jacobs said all of the defendant’s issues are being addressed and controlled with medication or other treatments, and that Kramer rarely complains of any side effects from that long list of medications.

Kramer used a walker to enter the courtroom Monday, breathing heavily even with an oxygen tank. Long black beard and hair topped with a large black yamulke, his hearing aid frequently interrupted proceedings.

Key is the length of time Kramer would reasonably be able to sit attentively in a courtroom for trial. Jacobs deferred the ultimate recommendations to a pair of specialists, but said he didn’t see any reason why Kramer wouldn’t be able to endure two four-hour sessions per day with a 60- or 90-minute break in between.

Is this long nightmare finally going to end one way or another?

In July, Dragon Con finally formally split from Kramer, following many protests that they cut ties with him.


  1. can I just say that I have never been more grateful for parentheses in my life, because when I got to the word “cervical” my brain broke. Gaah.

  2. Assuming he’s guilty … let’s leave that for the jury, ’cause they’re going to hear all the details.

  3. Seeing how someone’s already cosplayed as James Holmes at Dragon*Con, it’s just a matter of time until delights the crowd at Dragon*Con with their Ed Kramer costume (complete with wheelchair).

  4. Yeah Rich, ’cause only an innocent man does everything he possibly can to forestall/delay an impending trial…

  5. Damn – it’s so uncanny of how much he resembles a current neighbor of mine who was once accused by a number of parents of him taking camera pics of their kids running around and jumping into my apartment complex’s pool. Maybe him and Kramer are related by some weird kind of genetic anomaly that’s spread in the air.

    Police came by and had a nice talk with the man. Must have shat his pants that night and therefore went and erased all the photos before detectives could confiscate it.

    Later, he stopped showing up at the pool with his camera phone and since he’s disabled these days, he just sits at the same spot, with his back opposite the pool and waits for the mailman to come with all his amazon packages of his wannabe hipster paraphernalia (he orders prog rock cds and claims that both have a lot in common since we listen to the same type of bands. HA HA. Whatever. It pains me to even look at his fat fucking face everyday- BECAUSE he camps out right in front of my apartment waiting for the mailman!!)

    He once told another neighbor of mine that he was taking the pics to show the building management that the children were breaking the pool area rules by running around and horseplaying without adult supervision.

    Yeah, a likely story. I love calling him Fat Fuck Joe because he’s a fat fucking loser.


  6. “Yeah Rich, ’cause only an innocent man does everything he possibly can to forestall/delay an impending trial…”


  7. Kramer is still a Dragon Con co-founder, he just finally doesn’t have anything to do with it anymore. Specifically, reportedly, he doesn’t make money from it anymore.

  8. Fingers crossed. This isn’t the first time he’s had a trial date set on the calendar.

    Or the second.

    Or the third.

    Or the…

    Setting a date for Kramer to face trial has always been way more doable than keeping the date on the docket. Like I said, fingers crossed.

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