Who drew Vulture’s Parks and Guardians of the Recreation mash-up?

Following Parks & Rec star Chris Pratt being signed to play Starlord, Vulture commissioned this mashup of a full-on crossover:

To get a visual image of why this is clearly the right direction, click on to see Amy Poehler as Rocket Raccoon; Nick Offerman as Groot, the Walking Tree; Aubrey Plaza as Gamora (with new indomitable eye-rolling powers!); and Aziz Ansari as Drax the Destroyer (Treat yo’self … to pain!).

As nice as this piece is, as we attempted to say for about 15 minutes of fruitlessly trying to sign into to New York Magazine’s commenting system,


There’s a signature but it’s too small to read. Buehler?


  1. Kyle Hilton. He’s credited right above the comments.

  2. Jeffrey Goggin says:

    Vulture typically credits their contributors, whether illustrator or writer as the author of the article. There’s a link at the top of the article with the illustrator’s name, which links to other work they’ve done for Vulture.

  3. Read the byline on the article, maybe?

  4. Well. If only all mysteries were solved that fast.
    Anyway, Nick Offerman as Groot might beat the suggestion I first heard someone joke about with him as Rocket Raccoon.

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