Webcomic Alert: Bani Garu, Lea Hernandez’s history of Gainax

Month 1 Page 1 optimized Webcomic Alert: Bani Garu, Lea Hernandezs history of Gainax

BoingBoing has just introduced a new webcomic and it’s a doozy: Bani Garu, a history of Gainax Studio, the legendary Japanese animation studio. There’s an intro to the strip here and here’s the first episode. BOOKMARK IT.

In 1989, I was an Ascended Anime Fangirl: I was picked to be the vice-president of General Products USA, the American merchandising arm of the notorious Japanese animation studio Gainax, best known for the sci-fi anime Evangelion.

I was working with the people who’d made an astounding amateur video set to ELO’s “Twilight” and less than five years later were pro and making a chain of cult hits. Ascended fanboys. My people.

My people who took me on a year-long trip down a rabbit hole of reality.


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  2. I started a supplemental tumblr for Bani Garu here: http://banigaru.com. There’ll be pictures, art and footnotes for the comic.

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