To do tonight: It’s About Comics at the Scott Eder Gallery


As part of Special Edition week, Brooklyn’s Ecott Eder gallery is having a special show, It’s About Comics featuring art by

Phil Hale | Ashley Wood | Jeremy Geddes | Jim Woodring | Robert Crumb | Will Eisner | Jeffrey Brown | Jim Mahfood | Basil Wolverton | Tom Taggart | Jaime Hernandez | Gilbert Hernandez | Chris Ware | Tony Millionaire | Peter Bagge | Milo Manara | Moebius | Chris Bachalo | Gary Panter | Dave Cooper | Rick Griffin | Spain Rodriguez | Kim Deitch | Ryan Heshka  | Frank King | Alex Raymond | Richard Sala | Savage Pencil  … and more!

The line-up featured curated selections from the gallery’s best shows over the last few years. The event begins at 6 Pm.  T-shirts, and  books will be available.


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