To do 4/29, NYC: Fresh Meat at SVA



One more for the weekend — meet the future superstars of comics at FRESH MEAT, SVA’s annual comics fair for graduating students. More info on participants in the link, but this is one place where you are sure to find some future superstar in the making.

Friday, April 29th, 2011.  6-9 PM.
the Monkey Bar Lounge, 217 East 23rd Street, Manhattan.

Presented by Cartoon Allies & the Illustration and Cartooning BFA department.



  1. Cleaver design with the slices of meat. Well done.
    (no pun intended)

  2. Okay… my fingers type too fast… I meant… “clever” not “cleaver” — which also was not intended as a pun.

  3. Lots of talented cartoonists graduating this year.
    Got to see a lot of them at MoCCA this year so they are already in the thick of it.

    I highly recommend people check out Megan Brennan’s comics:

  4. TengoPantalones says:

    There’s no way we’ll all get in.

  5. I second Dave’s recommendation.

    A year later, I’m still kicking myself for missing Fresh Meat 2010. This event is where it’s at, comix fans.

    There’s always some really fun work on the tables and every now and then, you meet a person who you just know you’ll be handing money to many times in the future.

    So listen up, SVA: Put on your Sunday best–no, put on your COMIC best–and get ready to tell me about your comics!

  6. This is an event I will go to.

  7. That was fun, there were some genuinely excellent creators rocking it.

  8. Congratulations to everyone. Man I wish I could go to that stuff. Great weekend for comics in NYC. there was this and Pizza Island had an open house, too. Man.

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