This image has haunted me for years

The genius of Drew Friedman from his sadly long OOP WARTS AND ALL, which I like to call “Channel 9 From Outer Space.” Fantagraphics, please reprint!


  1. says

    Cue Sondheim and Styne’s “Everything’s Coming Up Roses”…

    “You can do it, all you need is a hand.
    We can do it, Mama is gonna see to it!
    Curtain up! Light the lights!
    We got nothing to hit but the heights!”

  2. says

    Yeah! It’s like if Norman Rockwell did comics!
    Drew Friedman has proved that photorealism can be done correctly. The art combines elements of Norman Rockwell and a Harvey Krutzman/Mad. Photorealism works better as an approach if the characters being depicted are real people and the genre is satire

  3. says

    Were these stories for real? It looks like Friedman took a real story and just added snarky comments and amazing pictures, but I’m not sure.

  4. Jay Russell says

    His Rondo Hatton stuff has always been imprinted on my mind. The collection is sheer genius and really should be in print.

  5. says

    Seriously, I’ll take the creepy shot of Loeb over that any day!

    Lance Roger Axt
    The AudioComics Company

  6. Stu Harris says

    Friedman stuff is great – remember the comic about a black man who drives into Mayberry, NC and gets linched by Andy,Barney and the Gang?

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