This cover is the best at what it does

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Whatever it is.

Actually, it’s part of a Wolverine cover art auction for the Hero Initiative.

Via Occasional Superheroine.


  1. I miss colors like this in comics. I didn’t think I would.

  2. Kate Fitzsimons says:

    I guess the Killer Mutant Snow Goons escaped Calvin and Hobbes?

  3. DrewT says:

    Good call on Calvin and Hobbes! I didn’t even spot them up in the left corner.

  4. James says:

    I didn’t see C&H either but the snowmen still gave away the homage.

  5. Love it.

  6. mark coale says:

    I thought the “apologies to Bill Watterson” gave away the homage.

    Next, Logan meets Alice from Cul De Sac….

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