The secret origin of Jay Didillo as explained by Rob Granito


Famed comic book spoofer Rob Granito has finally answered some direct questions, and didn’t get paid to do so, which is awesome. . But the origin of such things as Jay Didillo, Granito’s nonexistent collaborator on a nonexistent DC book, is strangely prosaic:

Yeah, again this is something else I didn’t explain when I should have, and it’s blown up in my face! I met an editor at a Con a few months back, and he gave me his card, and as best as I can remember, his name sounded like that. He said he was looking for up and coming artists for a Batman book about different eras of Batman or whatever, and he would keep me in mind. It happened! I just lost his card and can’t remember the other specific details, but nobody can prove it didn’t happen. I’m sorry my memory isn’t absolutely perfect but I meet a lotta people at shows.

This guy and Newt Gingrich should team up for a new Straight Talk Express! Gingrich could explain how talking to the press rattles him badly, and Granito can unprove things that also never didn’t happen. Also. But he does contend that “I’m not running for office or something.” and there’s no fun in that, alas.


  1. The idea that Dwayne McDuffie told someone to draw Luke Cage more “gangsta” is funny all by itself. And by “funny” I mean “an utter lie.”

  2. The whole thing immediately summoned up an image of Bill Cosby saying “riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.”

  3. Gregory says:

    And his wife is Morgan Fairchild.

  4. Well, I did read some of the Bible once, so to me, yeah, that means I worked with God in a sense, because I was working on the style He established, and maintaining His level of quality.

  5. Melvin Meilberg, Sarge Pukas and Fibley Snott were directors who came by my table once asking me to work on films called CRATERS ON A MOSS BARK and something that sounded like FAILIENS. I feel his pain.

  6. Andrew Farago says:

    When I say that I worked with Kurt Busiek, what I mean is, really, that he and I replied to the same thread on a comics news site. That’s all.

    And I wrote Marvels.

  7. When someone says “Nobody can prove it didn’t happen” that somehow makes me less inclined to believe them.

  8. Jeremy Holstein says:

    By this logic we should all now be worshiping Charles Skaggs as our lord and savior.

  9. Daniel Castro says:

    The only Dwayne McDuffie you met was Josh Hoopes disguised as him, but you just can’t remember. You must be the son of Satan, the father of lies.

  10. He’s never, ever going away, is he?

  11. Nick Jones says:

    Short first name

    I think it’s entirely possible that Dan DiDio gave Granito a business card at a convention and the name just got twisted up in Granito’s mind.

  12. Up and coming?

    More like low and leaving!

  13. “By this logic we should all now be worshiping Charles Skaggs as our lord and savior.”

    Works for me. If nothing else, it sure would save a heck of a lot of time converting everyone…

  14. Don’t insult Son of Satan like that, he’s a cool character.

  15. Steven Taylor says:

    The question arises, of course,…why give this guy any attention?
    (I realize, I’m going to pay for this question,…)

  16. “The question arises, of course,…why give this guy any attention?”

    So no one else falls for his scam.

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