Horvath and Turner join Superfan Promotions


Over the years I have been asked any a time, “is there a good indie publicist for comics?” and I always racked my brain. There have been a few good people, but they usually get hired by companies. Indie PR is a tough business and comics are a niche. But now, Superfan Promotions has become to go-to company. It’s run by David Hyde, formerly of DC, and it’s the best in the biz. And they are so good, they are pending, hiring Pamela Horvath (above left) Ilana Turner as director of publicity and publicity coordinator respectively.

Former DC PR vet David Hyde launches Superfan


Former DC VP of publicity David Hyde is back and he’s got his own PR firm, Superfan. Initial clients include D&Q, cartoonist Dan Goldman and novelist Samuel Sattin, according to PW. Hyde’s initial clients include acclaimed Montreal-based graphic novel house Drawn & Quarterly where he is working on campaigns for cartoonist Art Speigelman (Co-Mix) and […]