Review: RED WOLF #1 Isn’t Offensive, Just Boring


Marvel’s All-New All-Different Red Wolf #1, out today, has faced more scrutiny than most books slated for the publisher’s line-wide relaunch.  Written by Nathan Edmondson and drawn by Dalibor Talajic, the book was criticized upon announcement due to the titular character’s design as seen in an All-New All-Different promotional image.  In addition, following Marvel’s announcement of Edmondson […]

Red Wolf Stars in First New Solo series in Nearly Four Decades


Marvel already teased the fact that Native American character Red Wolf was on his way to get his own comic book, but today the first images and creative teams have been announced via Mashable. Nathan Edmondson (Black Widow) is writing the brand new series that features covers, design and consulting from Jeffrey Veregge, a Native American artist who recently contributed covers to G.I. Joe from IDW. Dalibor Talajić, recent artist from Secret Wars spin-off comic Master of Kung Fu is drawing the interiors. Jake Thomas will be editing the brand new series starting with Red Wolf #1 — the first new solo title for the character in several decades. Red Wolf recently spun out of Marvel’s Secret Wars title 1872, an oddball tale that took place in the past. The hero was also in the All-New, All-Different Marvel teaser as seen below, which has allowed for fringe character in the Marvel Universe to remain relevant and receive their own quirky comic books. The series will take place in the American Southwest.

“You Choose” Alison Sampson and Nathan Edmondson on “Genesis” [Interview]

genesis_p15_150_web FOC

Out this April comes a one-shot from Image Comics by the creative team of Nathan Edmondson, Alison Sampson and Jason Wordie. Called Genesis, this is a story is all about imagination and creation, and restriction, and limits. When given unfettered ability to shape and create the world in your own imagination, how far would you […]

Genesis one-shot by Edmondson and Sampson announced


Image has just announced GENESIS, a one-shot by Nathan Edmondson and newcomer artist Alison Sampson, who has a Tumblr following for her unusual art style. Keep an eye on this one. Nathan Edmondson (WHO IS JAKE ELLS, The Punisher, Black Widow) and debut artist Alison Sampson’s, GENESIS, pairs sweeping visuals with poignant writing to bring […]

"Who is Jake Ellis?" Book Tour

While searching for various comics events, I discovered this over on the Image Comics website. Here, uncensored, is the PR from their website.  That’s a very intense tour schedule, for any author!  Eight states, thirteen days, coast to coast!  Of course, if you can’t make the signing, contact one of the stores below, and ask […]