A ton o’ Dynamite news: The Spirit, All-Woman crossover event, Waid on The Avenger and New Figures

Jenny Frison

Dynamite has had a lot of news this week in the busy Toy Fair/ComicsPRo period, including an exciting crossover event the return of two iconic heroes, and a new merchandise line. Here’s a digest version:

Jamie S. Rich’s Webseries ‘From The Gutters’ Launches with Matt Wagner Interview


From The Gutters, a new comics interview show, has launched their first episode today. Presented by Jamie S. Rich, the webseries will be hosting a number of notables from the world of comics over the next few months, including people like Becky Cloonan, Ming Doyle, Eric Stephenson and Mike Allred. Today’s inaugural episode sees Matt Wagner […]

Legendary Spotlight: Matt Wagner on developing THE TOWER CHRONICLES


[Multiple Eisner Award winning cartoonist  Matt Wagner has long been known for his sure hand with adventure comics; the breadth of imagination for his signature creations Mage and Grendel and his distinctive re-imaginings of Batman in various titles over the years. Now he’s imagining for the first time John Tower, a new character created by Legendary Pictures studio head Thomas Tull and debuting this week as part of the new Legendary Comics line. THE TOWER CHRONICLES: GEISTHAWK #1 is being published in the “prestige” format—a squarebound 64 page comics—well-known to 90s comics readers but not much used today. But it seems appropriate for the story that Wagner is telling, along with artist Simon Bisley inker Rodney Ramos and colorist Ryan Brown. In the following interview Wagner walks us through the process of developing John Tower and talks about his entire approach to making comics. We previously talked to Legendary’s COO Tim Connors here. ]

Legendary Spotlight: Behind the scenes with Legendary Comics' COO Tim Connors

In Hollywood today there’s no name bigger in than Legendary Entertainment. Founded by in 2000, it’s the studio behind Inception, The Hangover franchise, and the Clash of the Titans movies—but more to the point, its comic book movie line-up includes the hit 300, Superman Returns, Watchmen and the multi-billion dollar Batman trilogy by Christopher Nolan. With a 40-picture deal with WB in place, Legendary has established itself as THE comic book movie studio for Warners, with next year’s Superman reboot also coming out from Legendary.

It’s not too surprising, considering founder Tull’s nerd cred. A certified comics fan, Tull has been building a “Tull-i-verse” of geek-centric projects, from co-producing Morgan Spurlock’s Comic-Con documentary and the book tie-in, to buying the Nerdist family of sites, newsletters and podcasts. And of course, there’s Legendary Comics.