Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s Long Lost ‘Captain America: White’ to Begin in September


In the long forgotten year of 2008, Captain America: White #0 washed up against the shores of time.  Traditionally, zero issues herald the arrival of #1s (or in the case of the New 52, insert themselves into the time stream a year after the reboot).  White, however, never got a #1.  Until now. Today, Marvel announced […]

Marvel’s Next Big Thing: Jeph Loeb’s Nova


The conference calls are back at The Beat! Last night Jeph Loeb participated in a phonecall with member of the comics press to discuss the coming launch of a new Nova series – starring a new Nova. The series will be drawn by Ed McGuinness, and here’s Marcos Martin’s cover for issue #1:

Loeb and Marvel TV

Jeph Loeb went on a media tour last week, talking to a bunch of websites about his new position running Marvel Television. Variationson a theme in most interviews, but piecing together a few bits of info, i’s clear how this is aimed at boosting Disney’s TV presence, as he told Splash Page: