NYCC: Giffen Returns to Cosmic Comics for DC’s Threshold


Starting a new wave for DC, I believe their fourth, comes the announcement that a new property will be launching from the company in January called Threshold. A space series featuring a number of DC’s cosmic characters, the series will be written by Keith Giffen and drawn by Tom Raney.

DC confirms that Alan Scott is their "outed" gay character

DC have made it official that the much-discussed ‘iconic’ superhero who will be homosexual in their new 52 Universe… is original Green Lantern Alan Scott.

Nice art: Kyle Baker's Green Lantern

Some old art on Kyle Baker’s hard drive, probably for licensing.

Warners won’t give up on Green Lantern movie franchise

While given everything that went on, having another go at Green Lantern seems like a surprising move, Warners really has no choice. They’ve made a huge investment in their superhero franchises, and with Harry Potter gone, they need another tentpole franchise. Batman gets rebooted after next year and Superman is a big question mark at this point, so throwing money and marketing partnerships at it until the Happy Meals stick seems to be the only way to go.

More finger-pointing emerges in Green Lantern fail

Comics-savvy (aren’t they all?) movie beat reporter Borys Kit has a succinct wrap-up, of lessons to be learned from the GREEN LANTERN experience. And they are many; a sequel — already in the writing stages — was supposed to have been greenlit if the film did over $60 million, but the $53 million opening and bad word of mouth may have stopped that.

Kit suggests that comic book movies based on a singular vision tend to do better — something GL did not have:

Green Lantern designer overwhelmed by creatures, turned to Joe Staton

Designing the Green Lantern Corps for the screen left veteran designer Neville Page spent with exertion — it dwarfed his previous projects AVATAR, SUPER 8 and STAR TREK. To solve the problem, Page turned to the work of the comics giants who paved the way:

Why I just don’t get Green Lantern

As the film GREEN LANTERN opens nationwide, a segment of the population, mostly male, is wildly excited because their favorite superhero is finally getting a lavish and respectful big screen treatment. Yes the reviews have been mixed, but under the watchful eye of Lantern’s flamekeeper Geoff Johns, the whole mythology has been faithfully brought to the screen in expansive CGI splendor.

For the Lantern fans out there—and there are many — this is a treat. But are they really a cult within a cult, as this Onion video suggests?

I admit to being completely unable to answer this question myself; I’m completely immune to the Lantern’s power, and I find this highly puzzling.

Everyone’s life has gaps, memory holes that remain a mystery. In my case, one such example is learning to swim. One moment, I seem to recall, I was learning how to float as a tot. The next I’m a full grown adult standing on the beach and afraid of the water. Something must have happened…but what?

Reviews review: Green Lantern

And what of the other BIG event this weekend? GREEN LANTERN is the movie that will either justify the creation of a whole universe of DC superheroes (akin to Disney’s Marvel-verse) or….well, it won’t Thus far, reviews are…unfavorable, with a 24% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. . Despite this the movie is tracking very well with young men and should easily open at #1.

Win Green Lantern tickets and a Green Lantern Hex watch band

There are a lot of Green Lantern merch tie-ins out there, and here’s a cool one, a Hex sport watch band suitable for ipod Nano. It isn’t actually a Green Lantern licensed product…but it’s the right color. You can win this or a pair of tickets to see Green Lantern by going to the ShopHex Facebook page and answering some questions. Today’s quiz: “IF YOUR HEX WATCH COULD GIVE YOU ANY SUPERPOWER, WHAT WOULD IT BE?”

Green Lantern exhibit at Cartoon Art Museum

It’s getting very green around here. SF’s Cartoon Art Museum has a gala opening for a Green Lantern exhibit on Thursday, June 9th — it’s a “green tie” event we’re told. We want in on that!

New Green Lantern trailer tells the whole story of the movie

Well, now we can’t say we don’t know what this movie is about!

Green Lantern heating up…in unexpected ways

We all know Green Lantern is HOT. The comic, the movie, Ryan Reynolds. Blackest Night set the DCU on a whole new course, and the GL family of books under the guidance of Geoff Johns, has continued to lead the sales charts.

But in Green Lantern hot enough to start a small electrical fire?


OKAY: This is the new GREEN LANTERN trailer

So this is…whoa. It’s very SF. Very STAR WARS, like everyone has been saying all along.

More Green Lantern

ICv2 has some hi-res photos of Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern  that we had previously missed. Looks a bit like an action figure, no?

More in the link.

WonderCon 11: Green Lantern panel and footage storm WonderCon

It was the biggest panel of the day at WonderCon, and the most crucial hour yet for the future of the revamped DC Entertainment brand. With appearances by stars Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, and the first view of effects-heavy footage, the Green Lantern panel was the chance to show that this is indeed the tentpole movie that is going to usher in a new era for DC’s superhero universe..

Interest was certainly high, as a line to get in to the 5 pm panel stretched almost around the Moscone center.

The panel was led by Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns himself. The only previous GL trailer was heavy on the romance aspect, due to the CGI footage not being ready — and leading to some questions ever whether this movie was going to please the loyal Green Lantern fanboys. However, this new footage seems to lay those doubts to rest with a spectacular look at Oa, the GL Corps, Sinestro, Tomar Re, and the rest of the Lanternverse. You can read about the panel here, or watch the footage below.

War of the Trailers — 11/10

A viewing of HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS Part One the other night allowed a viewing of the big trailers for 2011. Although they’ve all been linked online, there’s nothing like seeing them on the big screen.