It’s been four months since Green Lantern John Stewart absorbed a Godstorm and became the Emerald Knight. Now the story of The Source’s newest champion is set to continue in an all-new 48-page one-shot due out in November. John Stewart: The Emerald Knight will come from the recent Green Lantern creative team of writer Geoffrey Thorne and artist Marco Santucci. No other members of the team were named, though Mike Atiyeh colored and Rob Leigh lettered the last installment of the GL series, so it’s a safe bet one or both of them will be back as well.

Here’s how DC describes the John Stewart: The Emerald Knight one-shot:

John Stewart has been trapped in the dark sectors for months with the rest of his Green Lantern comrades. With the power of the Godstorm at his disposal, John’s using everything he can to take down Esak, the mad New God, and bring his fellow Corpsmen home. John will need to become something new to win the war against Esak: he’ll need to become the Emerald Knight!

John Stewart: The Emerald Knight #1 will feature a main cover by artist Mateus Manhanini, with variant covers by Jay Hero (open-to-order), Canaan White (1:25 ratio), and Manhanini (1:50 ratio).

It’s been a busy few months for John since taking on the power and title of the Emerald Knight. Two weeks after the final issue of Green Lantern dropped came Justice League #75, where John and the rest of the League ‘died’ in battle with Pariah and his Dark Army, events that led directly into the current Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths series.

Check out the variant covers by Hero and White below. Look for John Stewart: The Emerald Knight #1 to arrive in stores and digitally in November.