The Fifth Annual Clallam Bay Comicon Announces Special Guests!

Linda Medley mugs

  Clallam Bay Comicon, a small town comicon located on the Olympic Peninsula, has announced two special guests for their fifth annual show, to be held July 11-12, 2015, in the Lion’s Club building. Returning once again is Roberta Gregory, noted cartoonist of “Naughty Bits” and various bio-comics.  Appearing for the first time will be Linda Medley, […]


Clallam Bay Comicon 2014: Comics and Camping on the Olympic Peninsula

For the third year in a row, Donna Barr, creator of the Desert Peach and local activist, hosted the Clallam Bay Comicon in her local town of Clallam Bay, Washington, July 13-14. How difficult is it to stage a show in a town of 363? 


Webcomics watch: Donna Barr's A LITTLE DEATH

Donna Barr is one of the more eccentric cartoonists to come out of the whole self-publishing movement — her signature book, DESERT PEACH, is about gay Nazis, for instance. Currently she’s working on a webcomic called A LITTLE DEATH, which illustrates readers written comments on how they think they’ll die. Like we said — fun, but a little weird.