Art Wall: Cubist Thing, them Mighty Morphin’ kids and Batman- lots of Batman


Hello and welcome! We are starting a weekly art thingy and have -rather thoughtfully- set it for Friday, that interminable day where the weekend is within touching distance and yet you still have to be at work. Hence, pretty and cool stuff that will help tide you over- forget words, just feast your eyes. This […]

Studio Coffee Run 5/25/12: Kickass 2 news, Mythomania Season 2 gets a Kickstarter, Game of Thrones, etc.

Some holiday weekend tidbits, including Game of Thrones, Derek Kirk Kim’s Mythomania looks to Kickstarter to fund it’s 2nd season, a first look at The Walking Dead’s Michonne, along with a whole lotta Kickass 2 news.

Go watch now: Derek Kirk Kim’s Mythomania

Ever wondered why there isn’t a webseries that doesfor indie cartoonists with THE GUILD does for gamers? Well now there is!

A few days ago The Beat’s Shannon O’Leary alerted you to the existence of Derek Kirk Kim’s new webseries, MYTHOMANIA, and now having watched it ourselves, it is SUPER AMAZING. Two episodes (or 9) now out tell the story of Andy Go, an aspiring indie cartoonists who lives in LA, gets rejected by publishers, hangs out with his friends arguing about Alan Moore, and hankers after a cool girl nerd cartoonist. Written and directed by Kim, it’s sharp, funny and looks great — AND it has cameos by Scott McCloud and, in an upcoming episode, Jason Shiga! WATCH IT NOW then come back for the commentary.