New teams for Teen Titans, Aquaman and New Suicide Squad announced


Well, the DC solicits don’t go live for another hour or so, but DC is giving us a sneak peek at some of the new teams…mostly veteran creators, with new teams for NEW SUICIDE SQUAD, AQUAMAN, and TEEN TITANS starting in February 
 Kicking things off, NEW SUICIDE SQUAD #17 will be written by Tim Seeley […]

DC is hiring a VP, Business Affairs


Although DC has a pretty huge line-up of VPs and SVPs on their masthead, with VPs for Marketing & Global Franchise Management, Content Strategy, Strategy Planning and Reporting, Editorial Strategy and Administration, Sales & Business Development, Sales Planning & Trade Development, Marketing, and Global Franchise Management, they are still looking for a VP of Business […]

DC reveals some new Dark Knight III art…and the big twist in the first issue (Spoilers)


After remaining pathologically tight lipped at their NYCC appearances—even a small elite media only press event—Dark Knight III workmen Brian Azzarello and Andy Kubert spill the beans on the big plot twist of the event comic in an interview at CBR. And the story element is in fact the one that I heard was the genesis for the entire storyline. And would have made a nice surprise for those reading the story. I’m curious as to why DC didn’t even try to keep it under wraps. I guess they knew that it would be spoiled and wanted to get ahead of it?

Cullen Bunn Exits Aquaman, announces more News on AMA


Author Cullen Bunn has just announced his departure from Aquaman via a Reddit Ask Me Anything session held yesterday. The story was picked up by CBR, as the Big Two writer also confirmed a lost Green Lantern crossover. “I will be ending my Aquaman run with issue 48,” Bunn said on AMA, surprising readers. After […]

NYCC ’15: Cosplay Meltdown!!!


NYCC ’15 has come and gone, but the photos The Stately Beat Manor took are here to stay.  We had a number of fantastic journalists on the scene, taking pictures of the events happening at the Javits Center as well as the great cosplays attendees wore.  Here are a few favorites:

NYCC ’15: DC Super Hero Girls annonuces publishing program and more


DC Super Hero Girls has a splashy display at the entrance to the exhibit hall and today’s panel revealed more about the toys and publishing as part of the program, including a new animated short, a new theme songs “Get Your Cape On” (which was accompanied by the panelists wearing blye capes), Mattel’s action figures, […]

DC Superhero Girls animation debuts, creator revealed

    Perfect timing! THE DC SUPER HERO GIRLS UNIVERSE IS LIVE! “Welcome to Super Hero High” the very first DC Super Hero Girls animated short, has just been launched on  Many other features went live today with an eye to a global rollout of the digitally immersive world beginning later this month. The toys will be displayed at NYCC […]

DC Comics Month-to Month Sales: August 2015 – Bombshells Return


Greetings, sales charts fans! It’s time once again to look at DC’s sales figures.

Back in June 2014, DC kicked off their freely-orderable variant (f.o.v.) cover program (or as DC has taken to calling them, open-to-order variants) with Bombshell variants with covers by Ant Lucia that evoked pin-up art from the 1940s. It was a big success, with the comics sporting them seeing huge gains and has spun off into a line of statues. So it makes sense that DC would want to return to the Bombshells theme, and this month sees a batch of all-new Bombshells covers as well as the launch of a DC Comics Bombshells comic (reprinting the digital-first comic of the same name). It’s a moderate success this time out, especially compared to last month’s Teen Titans Go! variants (all of those sporting both variants see a jump up in sales this time out), and the comic itself sells very well for a digital-first comic. While we can be fairly sure that the f.o.v.s are giving a boost beyond the natural sales level for titles bearing them, it is clear that the size of that boost is greatly dependent on the demand for that month’s theme (or rather the perceived demand by retailers, which as in all cases on these charts has to stand in for actual consumer demand).