C2E2: Marvel Announce X-Men Crossover ‘Battle of the Atom’


Today at Marvel’s X-Men panel, a new crossover has been announced between Uncanny X-Men, All-New X-Men, Wolverine & the X-Men, and X-Men. Written between Brian Michael Bendis, Jason Aaron and Brian Wood, this storyline will be called ‘Battle of the Atom’. The story will see a team of X-Men from the future show up, whose […]

Action Lab Comics to drop $1 in Price later this year


Action Lab Comics, host to Princeless, Molly Danger and countless other digital comics, have announced at C2E2 that they’ll be dropping the price on all their comics later on this year. The $3.99 comics – which are typically over thirty pages long – will drop to $2.99, whilst the 20-page comics will drop from $2.99 […]

C2E2: Marvel: From NOW! To Infinity — Avengers Arena Ends ‘Season One'; Charles Soule takes over Thunderbolts


Steve here again! Charles Soule joined the Thunderbolts, many future storylines were teased, Stefano Caselli got a new gig, and some big news was announced about the future of Avengers Arena, all at the ‘From NOW! To Infinity’ panel at C2E2.

Image Announce ‘Rat Queens’ from Kurtis J. Wiebe and Roc Upchurch


Brian Truitt has done it again! The Ultimate American reports that this September, writer Kurtis J. Wiebe and artist Roc Upchurch will being a new series for Image called Rat Queens. Described as a love letter to his last 20 years of Dungeons and Dragons, the series will see an elf, a cleric, a dwarf and […]

C2E2 – Liveblogging “Making Comics the Avatar Way” (New Garth Ennis Projects)

C2E2 has invaded Chicago and we’re liveblogging the “Making Comics the Avatar Way” panel, which should be kicking off momentarily.  Get ready to start hitting reload. Jim Kuhoric looks to be doing this solo. They start from the point of what the other publishers won’t let the creators do. It’s not all extreme, but that’s […]

Not at C2E2? Just watch it on your computer


It seemed to start at this year’s ECCC, and before the year is out we’d expect it to be the new standard: streaming panels live from comic-cons for those who can’t go but want to follow along at home. This year at C2E2 in Chicago, Twitch will be streaming a bunch of panel (Including one that includes The Beat DREDD and beyond)

C2E2 Party Poop 2013


Lots to drink do after hours at C2E2! Many details here.

What does the future hold for C2E2?


Greetings from Chicago. While The Beat has been faithfully ensconced in the Diamond Retailer Summit all day, C2e2 has been setting up shop across the hall. And what does the future hold for the show? Now in its fourth year, the show has never quite lived up to its potential as the premier comics show […]

People and things not setting up at C2E2: Adam West and DC Comics


If social media is any indication, the amount of excitement over this year’s C2E2—the big ReedPOP comics/entertainment expo in Chicago—is quite high. After a bumpy start, I think this con may have actually gotten on the local radar in a big way. Certainly everyone I know is excited about the show and getting to eat […]

Exclusive: All the C2E2 programming


C2E2 — the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo—kicks off on Friday although we’ll be there from tomorrow on to cover the preceding Diamond Retailer summit. As they’ve done in the past. ReedPOP has provided us with a text only list of panels which is easier to scan than the database driven on eon the site. Sadly, it still doesn’t include panel participants, but maybe next time.

On the plus side — very plus — this is easily the best programming for C2E2 yet, a nice diverse blend of comics, SF, gaming and social based events with a strong local component. Some people last year questioned whether C2E2 would even make it to a fourth year, but it looks like its found its footing at last.

Diamond announces plans for 2013 Retailer Summit


Diamond will once again be holding its annual retailer summit at C2E2 this year, from Wednesday, April 24 to Friday, April 26. The event is only open to retailers and a few industry professionalss but the schedule includes breakfast, dinners and, of course, a hearty lunch. The full schedule can be viewed here.

C2E2 is accepting panel submissions from now until January 10


It’s not too early to think about 2013, is it? Egads. To wit, panel submissions are now open for C2E2 which will be held April 26-28, 2013. Do you have something important to tell the world? From comics to cosplay, manga to movies, vampires to video games, C2E2 will present Panels and Screenings covering the […]

12 thoughts about the 2012 Diamond Retailer Summit and C2E2

This was, everyone agreed, the make or break year for the third year show. Champ or chump? Read on.

C2E2: Wedding proposal takes place in front of the AVENGERS poster

Via Omg Dj Judy and Agent M. Did she say yes? Unknown.

C2E2 Day 2: we have achieved con

After several years of “e for effort” turnout at for C2E2, today’s show seems to have actually broken the floodgates and sent a ton of cosplayers, media fans, comics readers, and general nerd army participants into the cavernous McCormick Place. It was easily the busiest day we’ve seen here.

Breaking: Con Wars over?

Looking at the Wizard World schedule appended to the New Orleans announcement we just posted, it looks like a truce of sorts has been posted for Con Wars! — at least on the New York City battlefront.