The Consequences of AvX


As a prelude to Kieron Gillen’s actual recounting of the consequences from Marvel’s Avengers Vs X-Men event, let’s take a quick look at some of the dangling stories/ideas/moments which may or may not be addressed in the near future. This was a big event by any stands, with five writers and three artists involved, as […]

Isaac Leiro Sums Up AvX in Six Frames


By Steve Morris We’ve only one more week until Avengers Vs X-Men concludes with issue #12 of the mega-event. Have you been following along? Don’t worry if you haven’t, because artist Isaac Leiro has managed to sum up the event in six frames of animation…

SPOILER: Obituary for the AvX Fallen

By Steve Morris Read no further until you pick up today’s issue of Avengers Vs X-Men, unless you want to be spoiled! Alternatively, pick up a newspaper today, because Marvel have plastered the death across America.

Marvel Tease the Return of Dark Phoenix

By Steve Morris Subject of one of the most famous X-Men stories ever told and perpetual fear for Jean Grey fans around the World, Marvel have released a new Adam Kubert-drawn teaser image for AvX which suggests that Dark Phoenix is finally coming back.

Let's Speculate! Marvel's Six New Mystery Titles

Six new books from Marvel in October? BUT HOW CAN WE EVER HOPE TO UNRAVEL THEM?!

Maybe Jean Grey is back but probably not

Marvel’s newest teaser suggests that Jean Grey is coming back! That’s right — AGAIN