Separated at birth?

A classic LOVE AND ROCKETS cover.

Newsstand Cover-1
The cover to the second issue of Titan’s WWE comic.


  1. says

    The connection being the circle?

    I always read that L&R cover as the characters in a police line-up. Shots of characters in a circular gunsight image aren’t that uncommon in comics history.

    Though the first LIBERTY PROJECT cover, which did have a brick-wall background like that WWE cover, was definitely inspired by the earliest version of that L&R cover:

    So go figure.

  2. Joe Lawler says

    If anything, based on the light, cluttered wall and HHH’s hand position I would say it’s separated from X-Men 141, the Days of Future Past cover.

  3. Al™ says

    I don’t see a strong connection between these two covers. One looks like a police lineup, the other looks like an ambush.

  4. jacob lyon goddard says

    i have trouble thinking that anyone involved with the wrestling comic has read L&R.

    how does it stack up against the wrestling stories in Love and Rockets?

  5. Christian says

    Look at HHH’s ludicrous outfit! I am disgusted by your coverage of such objectification of men. It makes me feel icky! ;-)

  6. too legit's neighbor says

    Wow. Slow news day?? Are you implying the artist of the WWE cover copied the L&R cover?! Come on, the “circular spotlight against the wall” design has been used a million times over. the Hernandez Bros are great artists, but I doubt they pioneered this design sensibility.

    Please leave this junk to Rich “Leach” Johnston. Heidi, you don’t have to dig that deep in the mud for a post. Or if you do, please make it of something significant.

  7. michael says

    quite possibly the WORST comparison I’ve ever seen…and an insult to the Hernandez bros.

  8. GTPodcast says

    You might as well have accused both of them of ripping off the album cover of “Band on the Run”…

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