Sample work schedule of a manga artist


How do they do so many pages?

Three hours of spare time a week.

And we thought WE had it rough.

Via Kwanza Johnson.


  1. And, on average, six hours of sleep a night.

  2. Well, I know I’m not going to be complaining about how long it takes me to do a page any more.

  3. Dan Rodriguez says:

    20 pages per week.

  4. I hope that meeting with the editor on Saturday night involves some beer.

  5. moubius44 says:

    buzy bees ……….

  6. Two meals a day four days, one meal a day on three days. No wonder you so rarely see a fat Manga-ka.

  7. To be fair, we don’t know how much of that “working” time is actually spent on the Wii. j/k

  8. Jim Medway says:

    If he was working on a sewing machine there’d be protests – do we have a moral responsibility to boycott such products? What’s the pay like?

  9. Al™ says:

    Looks like the schedule Jack Kirby used to keep.

  10. Meredith says:

    That’s not a life. Seriously, that’s insane. When is this person supposed to be a parent? Or do housework? Or have a relationship? Or exercise? Or pursue self-improvement? I’m not impressed by this kind of work schedule, I’m sickened.

  11. 1) I hard this hard to believe. My BS Detector is going off.

    2) If this really *is* true, then I feel very sorry for this individual. No matter how passionate you are about your art or how devoted you are to a job/career that you presumably love, this is neither healthy, nor rewarding. Even if you’re the world’s least materialistic person, a life devoid of quality time with friends and family is not a life worth living.

  12. Dallas Middaugh says:

    It’s not so anonymous when you leave the author’s name at the top.

  13. Dara: There was some back and forthing on Twitter to and from other manga-ka who expressed no surprise at this schedule.

    Dallas: I bow to your superior detective skills.

    Hiromi Shiibashi is the author of Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan aka Nurarihyon no Mago. He’s also a 30-year-old man. With no life.

  14. Hey Heidi,
    Actually you should credit this to Erin Finnegan who relettered the bottom into English received the actual chart from me…and I got that from Kazuo Koike and his Manga Cram School publication Manga University.

    source from March 2009…

  15. Dave Miller-lad says:

    Unfortunately, this is how they will beat us in the marketplace.

    Anywne reading a 500 page shonen-jump isn’t going to be worried about how it’s created anymore than anyone wearing a diamond ring cares that it was produced by slave labor at the point of a gun.

  16. DJ Coffman says:

    If we had HALF of that work ethic here maybe the American comic market wouldn’t be in such a toilet.

  17. bad wolf says:

    Someone should email this to the Cliffhanger boys.

  18. Damn. I just couldn’t be inspired to work like that. I need to get the groove on to put anything out.

  19. Leialoha says:

    Just reading his schedule makes me tired. I see he gets two hours of sleep on Mondays…wouldn’t want to over do it, eh? Actually, except for the Monday schedule, I keep the same hours he does. Not so much time working, though…

  20. koooooooookieeee says:

    I’m pretty sure that the roughs aren’t called “Nemu” but rather “Names”… Or are the Bakuman translators wrong? o3o

  21. @ koooookieee: They are called names. Bakuman isn’t the only place that term is found.

  22. And yet scanlators pay no regard to this.

    Shame on you.

  23. Edgardo Granel says:

    This is passion, well some people can call it that. About the time that this artist is spending in his work, is credible, personally I spend hours in pages and when you’re on a roll time goes without notice.Another thing, people always wants the best in things, thats the price we artist had to pay, so people do not be hipocrites…

  24. Makoto-sensei says:

    It’s reckless how we expect so much from these professional, yet, forget the blood and tears they pour into the pages we anticipate every week. I hope to one day walk among those gods…

  25. David says:
  26. martia says:

    *newfound respect for my weekly manga*

    ehhh~ spending so much time on the name? it’s like our equivalent of storyboard… and 3 days for that?!

  27. Regene says:

    Alright. I’m guessing he does the laundry and clean the house during his weekly 3 hours break.

  28. =D NOW I can’t wait to be a manga artist XD HERE I COME WORLD!!!!


    x_x die

  29. Miss Delwood says:

    This seems a little exaggerated (could a normal human really stand having that little food and sleep?), but I’m sure that a full schedule is true of most weekly manga artists.
    It seems that manga is truly their lives.

  30. paloma says:

    I’m going to try this now. muahahahaha better get into the habit now than later. ^.^

  31. Goober says:

    To add to the meal/sleep comments, Arnold Schwarzenegger recommends sleeping six hours. On Youtube you can see a number of speeches by him on what is necessary to achieve your goals and one key point he says is sleeping for just six hours. On food, when Malcolm X was in the Nation of Islam he ate only one meal a day, lunch was all he had. Outside of that though, he was said to constantly drink coffee. I don’t know what good there is in eating only one meal though. Certainly limiting sleep makes sense but with food I fail to see the benefit. Perhaps the artist here is in fact eating other quick/small meals throughout the day but has only one allotted meal break.

    The timetable overall seems crazy to me but at the same time I’m sure it’s helpful to have. If you can push yourself to work this long, train yourself to do these hours, surely you’re going to be better for it, quicker and more able, than a person who works, let’s say, 1/3 the hours. If you kept this schedule for just one week you’d probably find yourself advancing a great deal.

  32. sammy says:

    mmm…as far i know, mangaka have assistent not just for manga, but for coking, clean, and loundry. so they only focusing on drawing. mmm no social life..Rumiko Takahashi author of inuyasha said she not gone maried any body. and when they say about how he spend his wealth…she said she had no time

  33. Hard work NICE, there seems to be a concentration on the thumbnails and basic sketches . I’m going to incorporate these hours on my idea.

  34. ThatGuy says:

    That’s just the life of a manga artist. An issue of Shonen Jump I had, had a schedule in it, but it was more time consuming, most likely because it was for mainstream manga artists. They actually do have free time due to the myriad of Japanese holidays, but usually if they want a break, they go on hiatus for a week or 2.

  35. Alexandria says:

    This only applies when they’re working on a manga. So do realize that when they don’t have a manga to work on they do have a life. But also, most mangaka’s realize they have a tight schedule, and are really dedicated to this kind of stuff.

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