1. “Did yuo know there is an award-=winning short film based on Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca’s awesome STREET ANGEL comic? Short version: what if Hit Girl was Kick-Ass?”

    Street Angel is far better than Kick-Ass IMHO, at least storywise. (Sorry hate to see a great comic compared to one that was merely well drawn.) It’s pretty awesome to see more of Street Angel when all is said and done.

  2. Comparing Street Angel to Kick-Ass is like comparing a gormet steak to a literal piece of dog shit.

    The movie is soooooo good, too!

  3. Michael: That was kidding, right? Because in that case I completely agree. Street Angel’s charm was specifically because of how agressively non-conventional/commercial it was (the unfunny issue!). A well constructed, but low-budget adaptation from an unexpected source (Australia!) is perfect. Without having seen the film, I hope they really get the sense of humor, and are willing to change points that maybe don’t transfer well. The only problem with this route to the screen, is I haven’t yet seen it, having heard about it over a year ago!

  4. Hi guys,

    I’m the director of the Street Angel short. Can’t tell you how weird it was to come by the site as I do most days and suddenly see my own film in an article!

    I hope that, if you’re coming to San Diego, some of you can spare the time to come check us out at 6:20pm on Thursday 22nd. We’re just next door in the Marriott Hotel, Hall 1 & 2. We’re on opposite Scott Pilgrim, so we need all the help we can get!

    Arch and Patrick, trust me, I feel your frustration at the long wait to see shorts like this. Unfortunately festivals are the initial circuit for shorts, but I can assure you me and my producer, and Jim and Brian who created the comic, are talking through ways we can get the film out to a wider audience asap – maybe DVD sales, maybe iTunes downloads.

    We want you to see it!

    In the meantime, it is playing at festivals and cons in various cities, and you can always get screening updates through our facebook group: