Perazza and Govar launch new Think Tank website

Artist Daniel Govar (Eclipse, Azure, False Positive) and former DC, Marvel and Comixology exec Ron Perazza have launched a new website called Think Tank that will look at digital comics created for the online and tablet environments. It includes some proof-of-concept stories, including one called RELAUNCH that’s up now.

They’re also featuring Yanapax, the open-source, free comics reader which works with all current browsers and was developed specifically for reading digital comics.

“Comics are fundamentally a reading experience,” said Perazza in a statement. “What we’re exploring with the site is really about respecting the way people read – using tablets and the internet – and how that affects visual storytelling.”

“Comic book artists have cultivated a unique visual language over the course of decades,” Govar said. “With RELAUNCH we’re interested in applying those techniques with tablet reading in mind but without changing the essence of what makes a comic book.”

In addition to RELAUNCH, the website features the YANAPAX VIEWER, a shareware digital comics viewer compatible with all current browsers – including Safari for iOS (iPad). The YANAPAX VIEWER was developed specifically with digital comics in mind and is available for download from the site.

While the site thus far seems to be literally a scratch pad for thinking about digital comics, based on the number of startups we’ve heard from in just the last few weeks, a lot of people are thinking about this, and a place to intelligently discuss it is a good idea.


  1. Bravo, fellas. This is well-needed as the landscape changes. Hope to see you both at NYCC and ICv2 tomorrow.

  2. This is great. Hope they enjoy immense success!


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