First Look: Adam Hughes’ cover to BATGIRL #2

Looks like some of the New 52 Issue Twos are rolling out. Artist Adam Hughes tweeted:

My cover to @GailSimone ‘s BATGIRL#2, coming in October! Read this comic cos Batgirl’s way cuter than Batman!


  1. Kid Kyoto says

    That is a very nice cover and while I’m not too happy about the great leap backwards it’s nice to see Batgirl’s costume stayed pretty clean and simple without dozens of excess lines all over it.

  2. Sean Murphy says

    I like this cover, but Barbara looks a bit too young if everything in BoP and Killing Joke have happened.

  3. James says

    Looks great!

    Barbara’s Batgirl costume has always been my favorite!

    Although, Huntress’ from NML has a soft spot! ;)

  4. Stephen DeStefano says

    Nice. So, DC is playing up the fact that Barbara had previously been a victim of horrible violence by featuring her once again in danger, in a prone position, for the cover of her new comic book. Keep plugging away, BG! Someday you, too, may end up dead in a refrigerator!

  5. Snikt Snakt says

    “Is that “Ghost” in the background?… (Remember her?)”

    I was thinking the same thing! LOL

    And IIRC Hughe’s worked on her solo comic for a bit when he was first starting out in the biz…

  6. Brian Spence says

    I thought the same thing Aaron and Snikt Snakt. Ghost was a great series and he designed the character’s look. At least he’s sticking with a classic. Ghost is still one of the coolest comic character designs, in my opinion. I miss those old Dark Horse superhero books, like X.

  7. Xenos says

    I can only hope the rebooted (don’t call it a reboot) Batgirl isn’t really that young. Maybe it;s a flashback scene on the cover?

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