NEXUS is back in DHP this May

In an emailed newsletter, artist Steve Rude reports that his rough year is ending on an up note, and he’ll be re-teaming with writer Mike Baron for a new Nexus story starting in DARK HORSE PRESENTS #12 in May. The three installments of the story will then be collected into a standalone 30-page book. The story deals with the “nature of evil”.

Nexus, the spacefaring tale of a superhero who kills mass-murderers — has had a long run with multiple publishers since the early ’80s. Baron and Rude self-published an issue a few years ago but the series has been hit with delays since then.


  1. Harry says

    Nexus is one of my all time favorite IPs. Steve Rude has had quite a rough year, and I hope that 2012 is much better for him and his family.

    Can’t wait to read a new Nexus story.

  2. jsf says

    Looking forward to this. Love Nexus. Now all we need is some new Badger, and things will be perfect.

  3. says

    Nexus on digital comics, Nexus in comic shops, NEW Nexus! This character is iconic, and the creators believe in the character, the world will soon catch up.

  4. MHF says

    It’s always good to be see Baron & Rude do more NEXUS. If I had my way, NEXUS would be monthly. Alongside COYOTE, PORTIA PRINZ and ZOT! None of which need no stinkin’ reboot.

  5. Jeremy Holstein says

    I asked Rude about Nexus when he came through Boston last year.

    “We just ran out of bread,” he said. “At least we got the trade out.”

    I don’t think the number for the Nexus reboot were very big. The delays in getting the final issues out didn’t help things. Weren’t the last two issues released as a double length floppy?

    Not to rain on the above announcement, which is fantastic news, but I don’t think the market would sustain a Nexus monthly right now.

  6. The Merk says

    JSF, Badger is coming back with the return of First Comics. Baron’s posted a few pages of the new book to his Facebook accounts.

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