Mystery Solved: Ed Brubaker’s TV Deals — Or Brubaker + The Beaver

When it was announced that Ed Brubaker was leaving Winter Soliderroughly a month and a half back, Brubaker said that the book was initially set to be cancelled and he’d lined up some other work.  He was awfully coy about that that work was, though.  Come to find out, he went to television and he’s sold not one, but two pilots.

Deadline | Hollywood reports that Brubaker’s placed a crime pilot at Fox and an espionage pilot at NBC.  The crime pilot is called “Rising Suns” and concerns a Yakuza underboss having a relationship with the (female) FBI agent who’s supposed to be tracking him down.  The pilot is based out of 20th Century Fox TV and is executive produced by Kyle Killen.  Killen was the creator of the shows Lone Star and Awake, but Beat readers will probably remember him as the screenwriter for the Jodie Foster/Mel Gibson film, The Beaver.

The NBC pilot is as yet untitled but is centered around an agent trainee who’s operating as a cleaner for her agency.  Which sounds to me like La Femme Nikita if Nikita had Victor’s job.  This one is at Universal TV and is executive produced by Peter Traugott, who executive produced Ringer and Samantha Who, and Rachel Kaplan, also of Ringer.

I can’t imagine Brubaker giving up comics, but if both of those pilots go through, he’s going to be a very busy boy.


  1. john layman says

    Good for Ed.

    Clearly, hanging out with me made him the man he is today.

  2. says

    Killen’s a fantastic producer and a great writer in his own right. I was disappointed to see Awake cancelled after a single season, but if Brubaker’s crime pilot goes to series, this sounds like it could be a worthy successor. Can’t wait to hear more.

  3. says

    The Brubaker/Killen combo is genius! As is Killen’s Awake! Sorry, Todd. You missed the boat on this one. This Beat Read remembers Killen primarily for that brilliant show that was killed far too soon.

  4. Todd Allen says

    Why would I miss the boat to give people a chance to bitch and moan in the comment section? ;-)

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