Matthew Vaughn Now Producing The New Fantastic Four Movie

Matthew Vaughn Now Producing The New Fantastic Four Movie

first-classIn a development that’s not wholly unexpected, but certainly welcome, it seems Matthew Vaughn has joined the team for Fox’s rebooting of the Fantastic Four film franchise as producer.  Per Fox’s Marvel guru, Mark Millar:

Vaughn was the producer/writer/director on (Millar’s) Kick-Ass and (Marvel’s) X-Men: First Class.  He’s also producing/writing X-Men: Days of Future Past and producing Kick Ass 2. Those are his superhero bonafides.  Throw in Stardust and Layer Cake, you’ve got a multi-threat film guy with a pretty good track record who also happens to be used to working with Millar and this sounds like a solid move.


  1. Don Murphy says

    Thirteen minutes before it is announced on Deadline officially, Millar tweets that his “friend” Matthew Vaughan is producing FF reboot…. but his tweet clearly says he learned it from Fox. Meaning his “friend” didn’t even tell him he was doing it.

    I doubt seriously that the people making these movies he is “consulting” on have any idea who he is.

  2. Brian Spence says

    I really hope they do Galactus Kirby style. Man, I really think it could work on screen. I guess Hollywood execs don’t think so. FF has potential to be cool

  3. Rich Harvey says

    Kirby Galactus? Well, okay … but no Doctor Doom this time. I dont want to see the FF films go the same route as Superman, where Lex Luthor figures into everything.

    This time, let’s see the Skrulls, the Super-Skrull … the Hate-Monger? Diablo? Perhaps even the Impossible Man …

  4. horatio weisfeld says

    Hats off (yet again) to whoever choses directors for these Marvel movies, as I thought Josh Trank’s Chronicle one of the best debuts in recent years. My only problem(s) : I don’t really care if I ever see another FF movie and otherwise, Chronicle seemed like one of those rare works that might actually be announcing some new vision. How will this era’s Cronenbergs and Lynchs ever begin to breath if Marvel snatches them from the cradle, to breath air back into its Kirby relics… and will American movies have any identity left with such things going on? ..I was looking forward to more new and original scifi/superhero films by the director of Chronicle– Now, thinking FF by Josh Trank, makes me eye lids heavy.

  5. Torsten Adair says

    Go for sheer eye candy and stun the audience with the Inhumans.

  6. horatio weisfeld says

    “friend” didn’t even tell him he was doing it.
    @Don Murphy:
    Since The Producer’s Guild keeps em all honest, how can you doubt?

  7. Charles Goodman says

    So Don Murphy, the cyberstalking bully who secretly edits his own Wikipedia articles, is attacking someone for online media spinning? Amusingly ironic.

  8. horatio weisfeld says

    secretly edits his own Wikipedia articles
    @Charles Goodman:
    Jesus.. .. H. H. Holmes got nothing on this guy.

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