Disney’s Twisted Princesses imagined — CORRECTED

We know that you are all tired of Disney Marvel mash-ups, but Is Animator Jeffrey Thomas’s Twisted Princess portfolio close to how Marvel might handle classic princess characters?

NOTE: We really screwed up when we first posted this. We picked it up from another blog that called it how Marvel would handle Disney Princesses, but it’s a completely independent project from earlier this year. It is kinda funnier with the attribution, though. Anyway, very nice concept designs!


  1. says

    These are great, but I don’t think they were intended as Marvel/Disney mashup, unless he predicted it back in February. There more a Todd McFarlane/Disney mashup.

  2. michael says

    Cool pics, but in NO WAY wold Marvel make these, especially for the cover shots…..the girls are too ‘ethnic’, their boobs are too small, they’re not sexy enough and there’s waaay too much realistic-looking clothing and not enough skin tight spandex! ;)

  3. says

    Those are really cool, but way too dark for what Marvel would do, I think. Also, they’re all the same theme! I think we’d change it up a bit here and there.

    But I like them, esp. Jane, Beauty & Mulan…

  4. Sphinx Magoo says

    It’s funny to see all the reactions in his comment section. Everyone’s really digging it! I hope it doesn’t give the Disney brass any ideas…

  5. mark coale says

    If Disney already owned Marvel, these would have taken off the net by now.

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