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Beasts2P6 Copy
Let’s relax a little today with another page from BEASTS OF BURDEN, the Evan Dorkin/Jill Thompson miniseries coming later this year.
62 Lockjaw And The Pet Aven
And the cover to issue #2 of LOCKJAW AND THE PET AVENGERS by Karl Kerschl.

Don’t you feel better?


  1. Also, there will be a Marvel Pets Handbook! And a variant Wolverine/Kitty Pryde/Lockheed cover by Niko Henrichon!

  2. Steven R. Stahl says:

    I’m afraid my attitude toward Marvel’s handbook-type publications has changed. Years ago, I thought they were interesting and potentially useful as sources of information on unfamiliar characters. Now, with the proliferation of tie-ins and the junking of continuity whenever a writer doesn’t want to deal with it (e.g., McCann’s REUNION miniseries), I see them as cynical attempts to take advantage of nerdy types who want information. Wikipedia has rendered the handbooks obsolete. I bought the Marvel Encyclopedia last year, and found some entries and the listings of important storylines interesting — but this week, I loaned it to the six-year-old son of a coworker indefinitely. The boy will probably get more out of it just by looking at the pictures than I would.


  3. Devil Dinosaur!!! Nice!!!

    I think I read somewhere that Sabu will also be making an appearance too.

  4. Wow, the art is BEAUTIFUL.

  5. Yeah, Jill Thompson just keeps getting better and better as the years go by.

  6. Rodger Barnes says:

    Any word if the stories from the Dark Horse Book Of… series will be collected?

  7. Bunche says:

    Jill and Evan are two of the most gifted comics creators out there (well, duh) and BEASTS OF BURDEN #1 was so damned good that I rate it as Comic Book of the Year. And, Hiedi, you know what a picky bitch I am!

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