Beasts2P6 Copy
Let’s relax a little today with another page from BEASTS OF BURDEN, the Evan Dorkin/Jill Thompson miniseries coming later this year.
62 Lockjaw And The Pet Aven
And the cover to issue #2 of LOCKJAW AND THE PET AVENGERS by Karl Kerschl.

Don’t you feel better?


  1. I’m afraid my attitude toward Marvel’s handbook-type publications has changed. Years ago, I thought they were interesting and potentially useful as sources of information on unfamiliar characters. Now, with the proliferation of tie-ins and the junking of continuity whenever a writer doesn’t want to deal with it (e.g., McCann’s REUNION miniseries), I see them as cynical attempts to take advantage of nerdy types who want information. Wikipedia has rendered the handbooks obsolete. I bought the Marvel Encyclopedia last year, and found some entries and the listings of important storylines interesting — but this week, I loaned it to the six-year-old son of a coworker indefinitely. The boy will probably get more out of it just by looking at the pictures than I would.


  2. Jill and Evan are two of the most gifted comics creators out there (well, duh) and BEASTS OF BURDEN #1 was so damned good that I rate it as Comic Book of the Year. And, Hiedi, you know what a picky bitch I am!