Gerard Way Pitched a Batman Series to Vertigo

Breaking news from Twitter! Well, sort of. Gerard Way, writer for Umbrella Academy and the upcoming Fabulous Killjoys, is currently sharing artwork from a Batman pitch he once made to DC.


Called ‘Kingdom of the Mad’, this would apparently have come out via the Vertigo imprint. For whatever reason it’s not currently a go-project, but at least we can get a look at Way’s artwork for the project – which is pretty great, and certainly distinctive.




  1. DC Comics never fails to disappoint. I would have loved to read that series

  2. The Dracula mask element became the face of the villains in the KILLJOYS videos and comic.

  3. Good lord, that looks terrific.

  4. Don’t jump all over DC, vjj. Per Gerard, “Just got busy is all. Dan and Ian at DC were crazy supportive of the project but my life took a different turn at the time.”

    A damn shame, as these images look amazing. Check out Mr. Freeze…holy crap!

  5. Mikael says:

    Nah – it’s just easier to blame it on DC once again than actually – you know – read the link.
    And people say there’s no dog pile on the DC.

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