As part of a collaboration between DC Thomson, the Southbank Centre, and designer Wayne Hemingway (the one from off of The Big Breakfast), Beanotown has officially been opened for a short-term stint on the South Bank of London. Celebrating 75 years of The Beano, the installation mixes hands-on activities with a look at the history of the much-loved weekly comic.


In an interview for The Guardian, Hemingway speaks of his delight at getting to set up the exhibit, which was apparently swamped with manic girls and beastly boys from the moment doors opened this weekend. He also points out a pretty delightful part of The Beano’s legend – apparently the comic was thought to be so poor for local morale, the Nazis put members of the editorial staff on their hit-list. Which, if there’s a more brilliant way of explaining the brilliance of The Beano than knowing that the Nazis considered it a notable threat to their campaign….

After the exhibition closes doors in London on 8th September, it’s due to tour across to Glasgow. So… with any luck maybe we can gently push Laura Sneddon into heading over there, preferably in her trademark beret and striped jumper?

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