Doggie Captain America is the biggest thing at Special Edition

Doggie Captain America is the biggest thing at Special Edition

Looks like all today’s cons are doing great, but this canine Cap is definitely the most tweeted and instagramed cosplayer of the day!



  1. says

    Oh, the poor animal. I’ve never known a dog that wouldn’t be immediately trying to rid itself of that get-up, beginning with the mask. One can only imagine the fight it put up over the effort to dress it in body tights. Sorry to rain on people’s parade, but that’s just sadistic.

  2. says

    I like it. But what I like even more is that shield. Is that an actual Capt. America ultimate frisbee? Did they license the image? Because that would be a GREAT idea.

  3. Marfisa says

    There was also a dog at the first two NYCCs cosplaying as Krypto (by wearing a red cape with a Superman symbol, which probably felt minimally weird to the dog compared to the Captain America costume), but it wasn’t this one. The woman with it didn’t appear to be blind or otherwise disabled, so I’m not sure what ReedPop’s rules regarding dogs are.

  4. Zach says

    If they are service dogs, whatev. But random beasts shouldn’t be allowed into public places.

  5. Glenn Simpson says

    “random beasts”?

    Is that some highly paranoid opposite of “beloved pets”?

  6. Kris says

    Not all disabilities can be seen by the naked eye. I have a service dog too whom accompanies me everywhere and he cosplays. His most popular costumes is as Krypto. He is a Siberian Husky. If it were not for my service dog I wouldn’t be able to attend big events like Gen Con

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