Nevermind! Daredevil Season 2 is coming 3/18


Despite reports to the contrary, it looks like we won’t actually get our big showdown between Marvel and DC after all when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens on March 25th. Instead Marvel and Netflix have announced that the second season of the critically acclaimed Daredevil will instead debut on March 18th. They released […]

It’s complicated: Marvel Netflix TV and movie characters won’t crossover in Avengers: Infinity War


If you were concerned that the next Avengers movie, Avenger: Infinity War, slated for 2018, would contain 150 Marvel characters and sacrifice drama, storytelling and memory storage to too many characters running around, rest easy: there will only be 100 characters in the film. That’s because the Marvel Netflix character can’t really cross over into the movies. This little tiddlebit was revealed by A:IW director Anthony Russo—one half of the Directin’ Russo Brothers—who was being interviewed by a Portuguese outlet, and thought, as many have before him, that just because it was in a foreign language he could be be more candid than normal. Google Translate, Anthony. It’s free.