SDCC ’15: Tom Cavanagh tells us about Eobard Thawne’s favorite snack food

Tom Cavanagh interview

For those who don’t know, Tom Cavanagh (who plays Eobard Thawne/The Reverse Flash on CW’s The Flash) has a podcast with comedian Michael Ian Black called “Mike and Tom Eat Snacks”, of which the premise is that both actors eat, rate and review a different snack food each episode. During San Diego Comic Con, in […]


Adam Copeland to Play Atom-Smasher in CW’s The Flash


Today, broke the news that WWE veteran Adam Copeland has been cast as Al Rothstein, aka Atom-Smasher in CW’s TV adaptation of The Flash.  The second season, which premieres this fall, will feature the super-strong size-changing character as a villain, even though he has primarily been portrayed as a hero in the comics.  


New Heroes: Reborn Trailer Features the Return of Original Series Stars


“Memories are funny things.  The good ones fill our lives with meaning— with context, with clarity…but other memories can deceive.  The ones that make you believe you know the truth— those are the dangerous ones.  When you look back at the decisions you’ve made in your life, the one thing you don’t wanna feel is […]


SDCC ’15: Alex Ross portrays Seth Meyers and The Awesomes cast as live action heroes


Not everyone realizes that Seth Meyers, Rashida Jones, and Taran Killam are already playing superheroes – the trio, along with a cast list that reads like the credits for an episode of Saturday Night Live, voice original heroes on the Hulu animated comedy series The Awesomes. But Meyers was able to merge the characters’ off-screen […]


SDCC ’15: Supergirl TV series embraces what it means to be a female hero


As fan frustration increasingly mounts over the lack of female-centered superhero movies and TV shows, the team behind Supergirl vows that when translating Kara to the small screen, they won’t sacrifice the unique take her gender brings to the story.


SDCC ’15: Hannibal crew teases season three time jump and possible feature film


Though Hannibal has yet to find a new home for a potential fourth season, showrunner Bryan Fuller said during an SDCC panel that he was investigating the possibility of a feature film instead.


SDCC ’15: Gotham to abandon procedural format for serialized storytelling


While chatting with press at SDCC this weekend, Executive Producer John Stephens revealed that the second season of Gotham will move away from a story-of-the week method, opting instead for ongoing character arcs and development.


SDCC’15: Heroes Reborn Gets Two New Games

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 4.06.25 PM

Heroes the show. Heroes the games?


SDCC ’15: CW’s The Flash Casts Jay Garrick & Patty Spivot, Zoom to be Main Villain


Today, Warner Bros and The CW confirmed some news about the upcoming second season of The Flash.  First off, they’ve announced that Zoom will be the premiere villain of the arc. Shantel VanSanten has been cast as Patty Spivot, a “police officer and science enthusiast who catches the eye of Barry Allen.” Finally, Teddy Sears has […]


SDCC ’15: CW’s Arrow Gets a Wardrobe Upgrade


Tonight, the CW debuted a new look for Stephen Amell’s Arrow.  The Green avatar of justice will be rocking some sweet new gauntlets and showing off those biceps for season four. No word on whether or not his wardrobe is a junkie.  Season four premieres on October 7th.


SDCC ’15: Cinemax Debuts First Trailer for Kirkman’s “Outcast” TV Series


Robert Kirkman‘s media conquest continues.  Today, Cinemax debuted the first trailer for Outcast, a new TV series based off the Image comics series with the same name.  This is Kirkman’s second TV adaptation following The Walking Dead.


SDCC ’15: Will Jay Garrick become Barry’s new mentor on The Flash? We ask Grant Gustin


Today I sat in the press room for The Flash, which included stars Grant Gustin, Tom Cavanagh (who will be returning next season), Candace Patton, Carlos Valdes, Jesse L. Martin, John Wesley Shipp and show producer Andrew Kreisberg. Typically, it’s a bit challenging to get too many details out of the cast and crew for any […]


SDCC ’15: Amy Manson to Play “Brave’s” Merida on ABC’s “Once Upon a Time”


At SDCC today, Once Upon a Time series producers announced that they would be taking another page from the index of Disney princesses.  They’ll be adding Brave‘s Merida to their lineup for the series’ fifth season on ABC. Merida will be played by Amy Manson.


SDCC ’15: Netflix Release the FIRST Images of Jessica Jones Series, Featuring Luke Cage!


Netflix has just released the first press images from its Jessica Jones original series.  The followup to spring’s breakout hit Daredevil, Jessica Jones continues to darken the tone of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  After a tragedy ends her career as a superhero, the series sees Jones attempting to rebuild her life as a typical private eye– albeit one with […]


SDCC ’15: Agent Carter showrunners reveal Season 2’s villains

secret empire

We’ll have more to say about the big “Marvel Television Presents” Press room that ended just a few moments ago a little later on, but one big detail that we can share right away comes from Agent Carter showrunners Tara Butters and Michelle Fazekas who were able to share just a few tid-bits about the […]


SDCC ’15: The CW Picks up Live-Action Archie Series


Archie is coming to TV. A “dark, twisty” drama series that was originally picked up for FOX, Riverdale has been officially picked up by The CW.  Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Josie and the Pussycats will take center stage in live-action this fall.  Greg Barlanti, head of The Flash and Arrrow, will produce this series.  Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Archie’s Chief Creative Officer, is […]