Carlos D’Anda – The Newest Justice League Fill-In Artist

By Todd Allen

Jim Lee's still doing the cover for Justice League #8

DC has just announced Carlos D’Anda as the fill-in artist for Justice League #8.  They describe D’Anda as a “fan favorite,” but probably not the kind of fan favorite you were expecting.  D’Anda is a concept artist for the Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City video games, so his art probably has a higher profile than most of DC’s staff, even if the name doesn’t come to the tip of your tongue.  He’s also drew the Batman: Arkham City comic last year.  It probably slipped the mind of a lot of people, but he’s drawn the Justice League before — Peter Milligan’s Kid Amazon arc from JLA: Classified, back in 2007.

Jim Lee is scheduled to be back for issue #9.



  1. Irwin Schwab says:

    Who’s going to fill in on issue six?

  2. Gene Ha is drawing issues #6 and #7.

  3. LobsterAfternoon says:

    Carlos is a good artist, but this is garbage. When DC launches a book with Jim Lee and says that consistent creative teams are important, you know they don’t have a fucking clue how to run a business.

  4. On the plus side Carlos D’Anda is a EXCELLENT artist. I try to follow his every move. On the downside you’d really wish you’d get more than 5 issues worth out of Jim Lee. Sigh, I’ll wait for the trades…

  5. Jim Lee is still drawing issue #6.

  6. Roberto Briceno says:

    Really not that surprise regarding Lee. Sure, he is co-publisher and that is a lot of tasks at hand but he really bit more then he can chew.

    And at the same time, fuck you, DC editorial.

  7. Glenn Simpson says:

    Actually, I don’t remember seeing anything about consistent creators. What I remember them saying is they were going to try harder to get the books out on time, which is pretty much the opposite.

  8. James says:

    Carlos D’Anda? Really? Jim Lee, Gene Ha and …Carlos D’Anda! What a joke! haha…

    I guess DC has run out of A list talent….

  9. @ James… I’ll let the work speak for itself.

    Most assuredly Carlos D’Anda IS A-List talent. Perhaps he’s just A-List talent you’ve never heard of before…

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