By Todd Allen

Jim Lee's still doing the cover for Justice League #8

DC has just announced Carlos D’Anda as the fill-in artist for Justice League #8.  They describe D’Anda as a “fan favorite,” but probably not the kind of fan favorite you were expecting.  D’Anda is a concept artist for the Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City video games, so his art probably has a higher profile than most of DC’s staff, even if the name doesn’t come to the tip of your tongue.  He’s also drew the Batman: Arkham City comic last year.  It probably slipped the mind of a lot of people, but he’s drawn the Justice League before — Peter Milligan’s Kid Amazon arc from JLA: Classified, back in 2007.

Jim Lee is scheduled to be back for issue #9.


  1. Carlos is a good artist, but this is garbage. When DC launches a book with Jim Lee and says that consistent creative teams are important, you know they don’t have a fucking clue how to run a business.

  2. On the plus side Carlos D’Anda is a EXCELLENT artist. I try to follow his every move. On the downside you’d really wish you’d get more than 5 issues worth out of Jim Lee. Sigh, I’ll wait for the trades…

  3. Really not that surprise regarding Lee. Sure, he is co-publisher and that is a lot of tasks at hand but he really bit more then he can chew.

    And at the same time, fuck you, DC editorial.

  4. Actually, I don’t remember seeing anything about consistent creators. What I remember them saying is they were going to try harder to get the books out on time, which is pretty much the opposite.

  5. Carlos D’Anda? Really? Jim Lee, Gene Ha and …Carlos D’Anda! What a joke! haha…

    I guess DC has run out of A list talent….