Canceled Comics Cavalcade: March


  1. Koch International cancelled “Nude for Satan”? That’s the worst news I’ve heard all day!

  2. Wonder why Mouse Guard: winter 1152 black and white was cancelled? that’s a pretty popular series.

  3. Atlas Reunified cancelled? Not a surprise, seeing how awful Grim Ghost was… I guess this is the end of the line for the Atlas revival… At least they reached issue 6 for their ogoings this time! :p

  4. Hellboy the Fury came out last year, what the heck is this

  5. The Hellboy The Fury were supposed to be second prints.

  6. Note that Atlas Unified #2-4 and 6 have been canceled. Not #5, apparently!

  7. Serhend Sirkecioglu: I think the book could not be printed on time. But Archaia will release it later if I understood everything right.

  8. There seems to be some formatting issues with this page…

    The Mouse Guard book was resolicited for a January release. No idea if it’s come out yet.

    Tony Isabella said on his blog that the Atlas books were published, and that there’s no lateness on their end. Seems to be some sort of issue between Diamond and the publisher.

  9. Fixed, I think — if you can’t read this post your browser and platform, please!

  10. Looks good now, Heidi! (FWIW, I’m using Firefox on Windows Vista)

  11. Actually, although the width formatting works for me – Now that I look at Diamond’s page, it looks like the list you posted cuts off at DIAMOND COMIC DIST-ENGLAND – in case you intended to post the full list, here’s a text link:

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